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Study Abroad

Psychology in Europe

A study abroad program developed by Dr. Ty Abernathy, who teaches a variety of Educational Psychology courses at Mississippi State University. The program started in 2018, and it has grown into the largest study abroad program at the University.

Three study abroad programs to different countries are offered annually—during spring break (March), Maymester (May), and Winter Intersession (December). Dr. Ty is the faculty director for each program.



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Academic Information

Course Prefix and Number
PSY/EPY 4710-6710 - International Explorative Travel Program in Psychology and Educational Psychology (3 credit hours)

All three study abroad programs are OPEN to all undergraduate and graduate students at Mississippi State University and can count towards your degree requirements or program of study in multiple ways.

Students majoring in Psychology or Educational Psychology have the most flexibility in applying this 3-credit hour course towards their upper-level degree requirements. However, students from all across campus have participated in previous study abroad programs to Europe including students majoring in Biology, Business, Communication, Engineering, Marketing, Special Education, etc. and EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

The academic component (lectures, readings, videos, etc.) of each study abroad program is different and tailored to the development and history of Psychology in the country visited.

Study Abroad Costs

There are four parts to the costs associated with a study abroad program.

  1. Program Fee - This price is the amount you see advertised for the program and it includes hotel accommodations, daily breakfast, a welcome and farewell dinner, within and between country transportation from arrival until departure, and admission to every activity and excursion listed on the itinerary.
  2. Airfare - This price can vary depending on departure and arrival airports and dates, seasons of the year, supply and demand, etc. Students are responsible for booking their own airline ticket and the standard recommendation is budgeting between $1,000-$1,250 for this cost. Booking your own ticket allows students to easily leave a couple of days before a program begins or depart a couple of days after it concludes in order to visit another country—many students take advantage of this opportunity to see another culture.
  3. Tuition - Students participating in a May or December program have a tuition charge for the 3-credit hour course because the study abroad program dates are outside of the fall and spring semesters. The tuition charge is approximately $1,200 (varies between summer and winter sessions) and all students are charged as an in-state resident—there are no out-of-state tuition charges for study abroad participants. *There is NO tuition charge for students who study abroad during the spring semester (i.e., spring break program).
  4. Spending money - Students who bring $500 with them on a study abroad program will likely bring some money back (unless they just love to shop at Zara 😊).

The Program Fee and Tuition are charged to your student account.

Application Process

Each student who begins an application in the portal is given a status—Pending, Ready For Review, Accepted, or Committed.

Students who are working their way through the application process completing the Pre-Decision forms and questionnaires are considered to be Pending.

Students who have completed the Pre-Decision forms—Health Information Questionnaire, Risk and Release, Standard Questionnaire, *COVID-19 Acknowledgement and Consent, and International Travel Accident Insurance—are considered to be Ready For Review.

Once a student has completed the Pre-Decision Forms, the faculty director will receive an email informing them that the student’s application is Ready For Review. The faculty director will then review their application and change their status to Accepted.

Once a student has been Accepted, they will receive an email notifying them of the status update and informing them that they must login to the application portal to change their status to Committed in order to be included on the official roster for the program. Students must change their status in the portal to Committed in order to secure their spot. The faculty director cannot make this update for students.

*Students DO NOT need to be vaccinated in order to participate in any of the study abroad programs led by Dr. Ty.


In-state students who are Mississippi residents and have an ACT score of 30 (or higher) have a study abroad scholarship that was awarded to them when they were admitted to the University. Out-of-state students who have an ACT score of 35 (or higher) also have a similar study abroad scholarship. The Office of Admissions and Scholarships can provide additional information to students who qualify for this scholarship.

Office of Admissions and Scholarships
(662) 325-2224
101 Montgomery Hall

Students who are active members of the Shackouls Honors College may also be eligible to receive a study abroad scholarship. Please contact the College for more information.

Shackouls Honors College
(662) 325-2522
210 C Griffis Hall

The Office of Study Abroad provides additional information about scholarship opportunities on their website.
Are there scholarships or financial aid available?
Scholarships & Financial Aid


Thank you for taking the time to read about my study abroad program—Psychology in Europe. Studying abroad will be the best decision you ever make in college—the reason I know is because students tell me all the time!

Please reach out to me when any questions. I am available and happy to help.

Dr. Ty