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My study abroad experience with Dr. Ty in December of 2022 was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only did I get the chance to travel with a fun group of students and one of the best professors on campus, but I also got the unique opportunity to immerse myself in the culture of Athens, Greece. From the amazing food, to the interesting exhibits and class time and even the tour guides from WorldStrides who turned into special friends, it was an experience I will never forget. Everyone on campus should study abroad with Dr. Ty before they graduate!

Maggie McKinnis
Madison, Mississippi

If you’re looking for an opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and learn about its personal history, study abroad is for you. The knowledge I’ve gained and the connections I’ve made both at Mississippi State and across the globe have impacted me tremendously. This once in a lifetime experience will truly change your lens of the world.

Anna Kate Staup
Secondary Education – Biology
Huntsville, Alabama

During the summer of 2023, I had the incredible opportunity to study psychology in Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic under the guidance of Dr. Ty. Additionally, in the spring of 2022, I embarked on another journey to study abroad in Spain, again led by Dr. Ty. These experiences were nothing short of transformative, opening my eyes to new perspectives and horizons I never thought possible. Dr. Ty's commitment to our academic growth played a pivotal role in shaping these unforgettable experiences. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone seeking both personal and intellectual transformations.

Samuel Stewart
Educational Psychology – Ph.D. Student
Edwardsville, Illinois

I have always wanted to study abroad, so when I found out Dr. Ty was going to Greece in December of 2022, I knew I had to go. The experience was absolutely amazing, especially witnessing the Parthenon and Corinth in person, and also swimming in Lake Vouliagmeni. And, you can never forget about the food. WOW. Dr. Ty was a huge part of my college experience, and I am so thankful to have gotten to go on this trip with him and our group before I graduated from Mississippi State in May of 2023.

Brooks Fyfe
Interdisciplinary Studies
Clarksdale, Mississippi

Going on study abroad with Dr. Ty was one of the best things I ever did in college. I became bonded with people I never knew but now call best friends and got to experience so many incredible moments I’ll tell for the rest of my life. The way Dr. Ty genuinely cares for his students and takes every opportunity to make the trip as meaningful as possible is truly something so special. There’s no one better to travel abroad with than Dr. Ty, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Sarah Triplett
Franklin, Tennessee

Studying abroad with Dr. Ty was one of the best experiences of my life. In Greece, we learned about the ancient philosophers and their ties to the modern world. Between the food, friendships made, and sights seen, traveling with Dr. Ty was an unforgettable experience! #travelwithTy

Kiley Dempsey
Elementary Education
Clemson, South Carolina

Choosing to #TravelWithTy was the best decision I ever made. I truly had the best week of my life in Sevilla. I find myself thinking about the trip all the time. I made new friends that I now talk to everyday. I am forever bonded to my study abroad group, Ty, and the city of Sevilla. NO8DO.

Carson Miller
Gulfport, Mississippi

My trip to Vienna and Prague with Dr. Ty was transformative. I decided it was time to cross traveling abroad off of my bucket list and there is no group I would have rather experienced world travel with for the first time than the group Dr. Ty takes! I learned so much about the world, myself, and my peers. I got to go abroad as Miss Mississippi State University and two weeks later I got to talk about my experiences abroad in my Miss Mississippi interview! I ended up being blessed with the opportunity to serve as Miss Mississippi 2022 and share all about my experiences with individuals across the state and the nation. Traveling with Dr. Ty will make you a well-rounded individual with new memories that will last a lifetime. Once you study abroad with Dr. Ty, you will not want to stop!

Emmie Perkins
Public Relations
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

I went to Vienna, Prague, Salzburg, and Leipzig with Dr. Ty and it is an experience that I'll cherish for the rest of my life! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about psychology right where it all began. The views and food were all so incredible, but nothing compares to the friendships that are made while on the Best.Trip.Ever.

Riley Scoles
Educational Psychology
Brandon, Mississippi

I went to Vienna and Prague with Dr. Ty my junior year of college, and it was truly one of the best experiences of my life. I will never forget the once in a lifetime memories, activities, lessons, and friendships from this trip. I have countless people who tell me that not studying abroad is their biggest regret of college. Travel with Ty! You won’t regret it!!

Sara Matheson
Collierville, Tennessee


The trip to Sevilla was a learning experience, a cultural experience, and most of all a life-changing experience. Dr. Ty’s program allows you to see into different aspects of education in Spain, as well as societal implications that affect such. It is a trip I will never forget, that truly opened my eyes to the most beautiful and rich place in Europe! Sevilla 4eva

Meredith Owen
Franklin, Tennessee

To say the study abroad to Greece was awesome, would be an understatement. It was a phenomenal experience, not just for myself, but for everyone involved. The memories that were made, were incredible, and the things I was able to do and see, just filled me with a sense of wonder. To be able to walk and see the ruins of temples in Greece, was simply amazing. While this was the second time I have traveled with Ty, this was undoubtedly my favorite study abroad experience; and that is heavily due to the amazing person that is Ty Abernathy. All of that to say, I think everyone needs to #TravelwithTy at least once.

Keeton Buffum
Applied Behavior Analysis – Master’s Student
Starkville, Mississippi

The 2 weeks that I spent on this trip were the best experience I have ever had. I can't wait to go back and experience It all again. I didn't know anyone before going on the trip and now I have so many more connections and friends because of this trip. 

Zach Boyd
Wake Forest NC

Studying abroad was one of the most exciting, fun, and eye-opening experiences. I made so many memories with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I will cherish those memories and people forever.

Abigail Webb
Hot Springs, Arkansas

I went on the Athens, Greece trip, and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. This trip gave me the opportunity to be immersed in a culture and environment completely out of my comfort zone. Even though it was only a ten day trip, I still feel like I learned and grew so much. I will be forever grateful for this experience.

Emma Wages
Elementary Education
Vancleve, Mississippi

Psychology in Spain is a trip that I will always remember. I met so many new people and reconnected with friends I had known since childhood. I’m so glad this was my first trip to Europe because it sure can’t be beat. It was worth every penny I saved up and beat any college experience I have ever had. I’m so thankful I got this opportunity and will remember it for the rest of my life. Sevilla forever!

Caroline Mattox
Starkville, Mississippi

Studying Abroad with Dr. Ty was seriously the best! Psychology in Europe was my first time going to Europe and I really appreciated how much time we got to explore the cities we were in on our own, but we could also stay with Dr. Ty if we wanted to! This made the trip a perfect way for me to grow my confidence in being able to travel to Europe with my family and lead them around one day! Learning about the different psychologists and getting to see the environments they worked in and the different tools they used was super interesting to me. I really enjoyed all the people we met throughout the trip, and I will be forever grateful that I got to go on the Best. Trip. Ever. 

Cassidy Pate
Educational Psychology
Fort Worth, Texas 

I am an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) graduate student from Starkville, Mississippi. My experience with study abroad has been truly amazing, and that is entirely because of Ty Abernathy, and the friends I made on these trips. During the most recent study abroad that I went on, I had the privilege of being able to give a lecture at a World Heritage site (the Acropolis of Athens). That was a truly amazing experience, and it was only rivaled by the experience of getting meet and make new friends, that I will carry with me forever. So, to any student who is even remotely curious about study abroad, I strongly suggest that they #travelwithty! 

Keeton Buffum
Applied Behavior Analysis – Master’s Student
Starkville, Mississippi

I have always wanted to study abroad so when I had the opportunity to travel to Athens, Greece with Dr. Ty I knew I had to go. I can easily say my study abroad experience was one of the best experiences of my life. I got to learn about the Athenian culture and so many other eye-opening aspects of Greek life. From trekking up the Hill of Lycabettus to standing on top of the Acropolis, I was able to make memories of a lifetime. Not to forget, the food is amazing. I am so thankful for my study abroad experience and the people and memories I made along the way. #travelwithty

Sara Lutts
Biological Sciences
Clarksdale, MS

I can say, without a cloud of doubt in my mind, that this trip has changed me forever. And for that, I am eternally grateful. I will now view my life in two parts: Pre-This-Trip, and Post-This-Trip.

Anna Claire Chesnut
Special Education
Pulaski, Mississippi

I was blessed enough to travel to Greece with Dr. Ty in December 2023!!! This trip truly changed my life in all the best ways. I gained so much knowledge about philosophy and the Greek’s culture. I got to appreciate the ruins of structures that I have only read about in text books. I met people that will be lifelong friends, in addition to growing stronger relationships with girls I already knew. Traveling abroad with Dr. Ty is an adventure that I wished everyone could experience! I am beyond thankful that MSU has opportunities like this for us to go and see the world. My study abroad is an experience that I will forever be thankful for, have the fondest memories of, and will be a better person because of it. HAIL STATE!

Anna-Claire Wright 
Educational Psychology
Dyersburg, Tennessee


My decision to travel to Seville, Spain with Dr. Ty during spring break of 2024 has been by far the highlight of my entire college experience. I have always loved traveling, but this trip completely changed my perspective on the world beyond America. Though Seville had never previously been on my radar, it is now one of my favorite cities in Europe and I will absolutely be making another trip back there in the future. Dr. Ty leads an amazing program abroad because not only was the curriculum engaging, but he guided us through the culture so gracefully that we felt like locals by the end of the trip. I will cherish this experience, including the people I was able to share it with, for the rest of my life. I encourage all students at MSU to #travelwithty!

Ann Lauren Schmidt
Biomedical Engineering
Biloxi, Mississippi

I had the opportunity to study abroad with Dr. Ty in Greece. It was definitely one of the greatest experiences I had in college. It was incredible to see a different country and culture with so much rich history that has an influence in our life today. I have the fondest memories of my time in Greece with new and old friends. I think about my trip often and am so grateful for the opportunity to study abroad with Dr. Ty!

Caroline Upchurch 
Hometown: Tupelo, MS 
Major: Kinesiology - Neuromechanics